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Almost last view of Window on my World

Saturday I finished quilting this quilt. It is destined to be the wedding quilt for my oldest grandson—as mentioned earlier, he is just ten almost eleven and so I have every confidence I will get it bound and labeled before then.

The quilting took over 4 hours of stitching time; each house done individually, I changed colors for the sky, the trees, and some of the corner pieces. It would have been far easier to put on a pantograph and work away but I did want it to be special.

I pieced the backing using Texas themed fabrics, long-horns, cowboys, and regular cows in pastures. I will get a more formal photo once I have the sleeve and binding on—but those are easy evening tasks.

Now that it is in the almost done stage, I can start in on the next Block of the Month from the Quilt Show–Garden Party Down Under. I decided to use a linen background and as much hand-dyed fabrics from my ‘extensive collection’.

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