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Best laid plans

With the pandemic in full swing, and sheltering in place—a nicer thought than stuck at home—I have been going through projects and boxes and cartons and working on finishing up things.

I dug out a package containing a quilt kit; I bought it at a quilt show several years ago–it was offered by a shop at half price. It was strips of batiks—and the pattern looked fun.

Cutting for a quilt takes some space–laying out the fabrics, and cutting the pieces. I studied the layout choices and decided to combine two options into one. I cut and stacked the pieces and put them neatly into a clear plastic box. I carried it home and put it somewhere in my sewing room—no–it is not a studio entitling me to be messy and disorderly—I might call it a work-room—but definitely not a studio.

Other projects seemed more important and I worked on those.

After a few weeks or maybe even months had passed, I decided to work on this project.

Did I remember what I had thought I would do?

Of course not!

And the worst of it was–the shop-owner who had cut the strips had not centered the fabrics…so I had several unusable strips due to the dreaded ‘v-shape’ strip problem.

But I managed to figure out something to do with those cut-out pieces.

It has joined the stack of ‘to be quilted’; a stack I had down to just two by the end of 2020 but is now back to five or six. Far better than nearly thirty at the beginning of 2020—that included my mother’s grandchildrens’ wedding quilts—glad that project is done–she had about twenty or so.

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