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Word of the Year

Each year I think about what I want to accomplish. What groups do I find valuable and interesting? What things do I want to do? What unfinished projects are staring me accusingly in the face? What friendships do I want to cultivate? And what do I need to let go?

Last year was full of health challenges—far too many. I am trying hard to excuse myself for not getting done what I had hoped for. That is a hard task for someone who is goal-oriented.

But this year I am planning on doing—whether it is just reading, or classes via internet or physical travel to places new or familiar. I plan to have fun and adventure.

My word of the year is ADVENTURE

While last year was one of health challenges, the year ahead will be one of exploring, traveling, and adventure . i plan to have fun no matter the avenue–reading, classes, new friends and hobbies, and travel to both familiar and new places. My word of the year is Adventure.

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