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Window on My World

For the past several years, the Quilt Show hosted by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims hosts a block of the month. Each month there is an installment of patterns. Kit fabrics are available and many take advantage of the ease of all the fabrics pre-selected.

Of course, I did not choose to get the kit; instead I worked from my large collection of novelty fabrics throwing in a few more ‘regular’ fabrics. I have music, apples, watermelons, canoes, University of Wisconsin, basketballs, fountains, balloons and so forth. It was a great deal of fun picking out fabrics for those houses.

The directions included making the central compass rose, surround it with the inner road, then the ring of houses. I constructed mine in fourths–then to halves and then as a whole.

I am now in the quilting phase. I am doing each house individually which means a lot of rolling and re-rolling as the larger houses span is larger than my working area.

And who is destined for this quilt? It is for my oldest grand-son —when he gets married—and as he is just ten years old, I am quite confident I will have it finished well in advance.

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  1. Jeannie Loving #

    I hope so!! You will be way ahead of your mom.

    January 8, 2022

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