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Construction nearly Completed

Color My World was the Block of the Month for 2021 featured on The Quilt Show. It is a complex quilt with buildings in the round; definitely a challenge to piece. It featured paper piecing—a method I despise although I have tried multiple ways—assured by each instructor that I would love it.

I didn’t love it—it is fiddly and requires thinking in mirrors or upside down or backwards or something.

So I devised a way to do regular piecing and use the freezer paper templates to ‘square up’ the final component although there were no squares in this project.

I also used novelty fabrics for the buildings, inserted a fountain for a house, and designed my own north/south/east/west blocks along with large swaths of novelty fabric instead of the tall buildings. I have seen the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben but thought some of it was entire too fiddly. I contemplated windmills–but in the end used more novelty fabric.

This quilt is destined to be a wedding quilt for my oldest grand-son. The quilting is taking some time as I must roll an re-roll to complete a building—and I have not yet figured out what I will put in the Longhorn borders.

I made a rule last year that I could not begin the next (now this year’s) Block of the Month until the previous one was completed—bound, labeled, photo-ed and safely tucked away….in the chest my mother stored the tops for all her grand-children,

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