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A Big Hairy Deal

Stuffing dolls takes time—and Stuffing!

I thought I would have enough but I ran out after dealing with heads and bodies.

Husband added stuffing to his shopping list and came home with this.

It was already bursting at the seams and had been hastily taped shut but then I cut the tape, cut a small opening into the plastic bag—and Whoosh!!!

Tonight I’ll work on stuffing the arms and legs; but I still had some nice sewing time left—so on to the hair!

I had a tassel maker loom that seemed to work fairly well for making that loopy messy hair.

It was fairly easy to stitch down the loops with a strip of fusible web underneath; scrunching it along as I went.

and then although I counted it several times–were there eight wigs or seven?


Arrgggh—the tassel loom is neatly stored—but it is late and time to cook supper—and work on stuffing those arms and legs—tomorrow I’ll do that last wig.

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