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Getting ducks or maybe geese in a row

A trip to Anahuac is always fun and yesterday the weather was perfect….not too much wind, sunshine and temps near 70.

Tessie is an ideal car for wildlife sighting; she can keep on the road, drive very slowly and make very little noise. But then I was on the passenger side with an excellent view of marsh grass and then sometimes coots.

and a few more ducks in open water.

from the drivers side, there were ibis and alligators and egrets and some hawks who were quick to fly off.

We stopped at the boardwalk and discovered birds really enjoyed sitting on there—and on the benches.

There was an egret on the side of the boardwalk. With full zoom, it is hard to hold the camera steady and get the entire image in the frame.

And we thought we saw two turtles sitting on a log.

Here is the first turtle

and here is what we though was the second turtle

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  1. Deanna E. Lybarger #

    WOW Sylvia – what great pictures. I loved all of them and the caption on the last picture brought a big smile and an delightful laugh. The weather looked to be fantastic. I forgot how sunny and clear it can be down there at this time of year.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

    December 25, 2021

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