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Walking Among Carnivores

Yesterday was not quite as dreary as Friday but still blustery and not particularly inviting. However, we had been invited to a Christmas gathering ‘northwards’ of us; a friend who spends a month ‘Christmasing’ and always has wonderful food.

There were dozens of people there; chowing down on brisket and sides and plenty of sweets and admiring the wonderful decorations in each room. A horse drawn carriage was parked outside; the swing in the tree was still there—I did not indulge this year.

And then because we were just a few hundred yards away, we walked on the Sundew Trail.

We had the trail to ourselves and did not tarry–temps were conducive to brisk walking.

This is part of the Big Thicket, a diverse ecology ranging from marsh to pine trees to cypress swamps.

We were looking for pitcher plants–the sundews being dormant this time of year. We could see evidence of a recent fire–not sure if it was a planned controlled burn or due to lighening. At the last boardwalk–there they were.

And a closer view of one–facing away from us.

And here are several

They are about fifteen inches or so in height; usually in somewhat marshy areas with occaionally the sundews on the perimeter of their areas.

Tessie’s heated seat was most welcome….as was the hot chocolate when we got home.

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  1. Deb L. #

    Super cool pictures of the pitcher plants. Saw them in person when I was on a weekend retreat with Noel when we lived in Lumberton. Very interesting. I just love your writings and stories and pictures. A smile just automatically appears before I even get the article opened!!!

    December 13, 2021

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