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Stop the Presses!

After that wonderful day on the beach marred only by water far too cold to wade in and my too optimistically warm weather apparel choices, I spent Saturday at the Printing Museum in Houston.

The museum is located in the River Oaks area; narrow streets and pricey housing but near one of my former worksites and a wonderful bakery. I find judging travel time in and around and through Houston challenging–sometimes it is easy and sometimes the roadways are parking lots—so I try to plan getting anywhere in Houston with an hour to spare.

That hour was spent in the bakery with a great cup of coffee.

I arrived at the museum for a workshop on watercolor monoprinting about twenty minutes early…more on that later.

The museum has so many interesting things to see—besides their huge collection of type, printing presses, typewriters, samples of newspapers, galleries and artists-in-residence. I got to see a letterpress in operation—my of printers being limited to the Epson that sits on my desk and requires ink cartridges and works best on copy paper.

Here are a few images from the museum; the museum was motion sensor lighted, challenging for good photos but you can get a sense of what they have on display.

The building has been sold….no surprise as it is in a very exclusive neighborhood. Lots of building and renovation of existing houses indicate real estate is of prime value here.

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  1. I do look forward to hearing more about your watercolor mono printing adventures!

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    December 7, 2021

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