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Dipping my toes

Winter is our favorite time to visit the beach. Sometimes, like yesterday, the weather is perfect, sunny and warm. Other times it may be chilly and blustery but there are few people there. It is peaceful and serene. I like to wade in the water and although I roll my pant legs up, they get soaked. I thought I might avoid that problem by wearing a pair of German Army shorts (no photo!).

I regretted that apparel choice as there was a breeze. And the water was cold!

We did have the beach to ourselves, though. Two trucks drove by, waved and kept going. No fishermen/persons. No radios. Just birds and the waves and rustling of the marsh grasses.

Toby and Dora raced up and down the beach, occasionally dashing into the waves. Dora took care to roll in the sand several times. The back seat of Tessie looks like we brought the beach home with us.

There weren’t many shells but there was a rotting catfish Toby really wanted but wasn’t sure she could eat it all before being called away===and of course there were birds to chase—never successfully.

The Great Blue we had seen before was wading along the shoreline once again. Gulls and sanderlings and other shore birds were there too.

We had a lunch of cheese and crackers; decided to visit what used to be the Dick Dowling park but is now the Sabine Pass Battleground park. For the first time since we have lived here, there was an entry fee. The park is nicely laid out with lots of places for fishing, a boat ramp, and interpretative signage of the Civil War battle and World War II munitions storage.

We walked along the fishing piers, Toby thought Glen should open the ‘gate’ at the end of the pier for her; and tried sampling the salt water at the edge of the boat ramp–didn’t like the first ramp water, thought the second might be better.

Everyone was tired when we got home. This morning Dora reluctantly went out to fetch the newspaper–if there had been a thought bubble over her head it would have read–‘grumble, grumble, grumble, okay…but don’t ask me to do anything else today”

Dora rolled in the sand several times while Toby was too eager to run to take the time to roll in the sand

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  1. Deanna Lybarger #

    Sylvia – Super artical! Looks like all had a wonderful day. Loved learning about the area and seeing the Great Blue Heron. Thanks for sharing.

    FIP, Deb Lybarger

    December 4, 2021
  2. Oh my – I remember those days of wet and dirty dogs that needed a ride home. We too trained our dogs to retrieve the paper from the driveway and I don’t think there was ever any “do I have to” times as they knew they’d be getting a treat. However, I’ve been given that look from your tired dog on other occasions as frisky puppies aged into geriatric dogs. Looks like it was a fun day.

    December 6, 2021

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