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Cheery Dreary Days

November has always been one of my favorite months—the grayness of the outside, the sometimes chilly temps and the prospect of holidays. And then there is the finishing up of projects with thinking about new projects for the new year.

Last year’s Thanksgiving was quite low key—we made turkey sandwiches and drove to the beach; I squished sand between my toes and got the bottom of my pant legs wet even though I rolled them up—Glen collected shells–we now have grocery bags with the different shell varieties on the Pillsbury table in our dining room.

This year we were invited to our youngest son’s in-laws AND to our middle son who was being joined by our oldest son. We are too old to eat two big meals in one day; we thought we would go to middle son’s house but then the weather was not cooperative. The roads were flooding, the rain coming down in sheets, the semis were throwing up so much water we were forced to think Tessie could see where she was going. Traffic was picking up, tail-gating, no lights on those gray colored cars…..

So we came back home.

However, Friday was beautiful–still gray skies but with hints of blue here and there and NO RAIN!

Instead of Thanksgiving dinner at their home, we got a bag full of left-overs—oh my goodness–they were wonderful.

And we got to watch our grandson play goalie in a soccer match and have an impromptu tailgating parting of crackers and cheese in the parking lot afterwards.

Tomorrow I’ll show you what I spent Thanksgiving afternoon working on.

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