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Taking time for a Photo-Op

Sometimes you just need to stop your busyness and take a bit of time to capture a moment.

Or in this case a month’s work of activity.

Apparently water towers need repainting from time to time. Beaumont’s water tower had been repainted several years ago and it was fascinating to watch the painters hanging from ropes as they worked their way down that huge sphere.

But now they must be sand-blasing in preparation for another painting.

A small canvas hat sits on top of the globe part. And then there is what we decided must be called a skirt–that is raised and lowered at intervals—we have not figured that out.

It resembles something from a fantasy movie.

We have one small bridge crossing the interstate—and is the site of the Boy Scouts cart races—we don’t have any other hills–other than ant hills–and plenty of those. I drive over that bridge multiple times in a week. But one day I decided to pull over into a nearby parking lot, walk back along the median which also is the site of a large garden and take some photos.

The sky was quite glorious that day–and no sooner had I gotten home than the downpour began.

Here for your viewing pleasure are some of those photos.

and just so you know I wasn’t the only witness, there were a few others.

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