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Denim to the Rescue

Anyone who knows me knows I like denim. It is my go-to fabric for multiple uses—and this past week I finally worked on a project that has been on my to-do list for years.

When we lived in Georgia, I bought this very sturdy couch. It is like a church pew–all wood, very sturdy but with cushions. Surviving three active boys, three dogs, the cushions were wearing thin in places. I switched them around, turned them upside down—in short everything I could think of to avoid the re-covering of those cushions.

Finally one day I decided to give it a go—and thought perhaps slip-cover approach might be viable.

I measured, cut and sewed—and then safety pinned the backs of those covers securely in place—using the old diaper pin placement technique.

I am pleased with the results—easy—and removable and washable—and so sturdy. Can anything really beat denim for durability?

And now the grand TA-DA!

And yes, just one set left to do—the original upholstery on the far left.

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  1. What!!! – no zippers??? Never heard of securing with safety pins but that is brilliant! Looks great.

    November 12, 2021

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