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Any Birds here?

We are fortunate to be near Anahuac National Wildlife Preserve, part of the Mississippi Flyway for migrating birds. I had hoped to see some last week on a bright sunny day—but they were few and far between. Even the coots were hiding among the grasses.

But since I know you are all expecting pictures and may be experiencing snow and wishing to see green again, here are a few from our trip.

First up is this notice about bees;

We looked for a traditional hive around the small garden at the former visitor’s center–destroyed by one of the hurricanes–who can keep track of which one did what?

Then I spied them on the eaves of the old visitor’s center—-we had heard about Bolivar bees—they are aggressive and sting without provocation—and so we quickly left—no stings.

Tessie is an ideal car to stalk birds–it is almost silent and the birds do not seem to pay much attention to her.

This guy did not seem to mind having his photo taken.

Look at those beat up wings on this butterfly

Do you see the heron in the grasses? We could hear the coots but there were no birds in the large ponds—there were some alligators sunning themselves—but alas they chose to sun themselves on the driver’s side of the car–not the passenger’s side—so you will just have to believe me. A few red-eared slider turtles were sunning–again on the driver’s side—

I might have to learn to drive Tessie.

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