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Plugged and Lighted

And just why would anyone be terrible excited about this?

or this?

My house is over a hundred years old. It has lovely tall ceilings, spacious rooms, a closet just for hats, lots of doors but almost no electrical outlets or lights. I think the original owners were much like my great-aunt Elnora—up with the sun and to bed when the sun went down–not much need for lighting.

After a lot of thinking and dreaming, a local electrician’s son installed a series of outlets around my sewing room—a sun-room with three banks of windows, and then two panels of lights. I can now sew at midnight if I so desire—and in the middle of rain storms and just whenever I want—because I can now see!!!

And I no longer have to run extension cords from the master bedroom into the sun-room for my iron and sewing machine—and yes the iron has its very own circuit.

Hurray for electricians who listen to their customers—and ahve an appreciation for their hobbies and passion.

And for my quiltty friends—this is what I ‘ve been working on.

The center square was fabric from my mother’s stash, the blues and side neutrals from mine. It is now a completed top and put in line to be quilted—-destined for a great-grand child of my mother’s. There is another one in pinks–for a great-great grand-daughter due in the next few weeks.

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  1. Oh, I would be terribly excited by all those new outlets and that wonderful overhead light. I’ve lived in a lot of different spaces of widely varying ages so know the frustration of not enough outlets and not enough good lighting. Even in this fairly new townhouse that is up to current codes, I wouldn’t mind access to a few more outlets in my studio and have switched out the bulbs in the single overhead light to daylight ones and have them in strategically located architect lamps and yet I still often deal with shadows. Since I rent, I have to work with what I’ve got!

    Another baby quilt – my god daughter has had her last, she being my latest source of babies to quilt for and I have so enjoyed having the excuse. This one is so lovely because of the connection to the recipient’s great grandmother. Well done!

    November 8, 2021

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