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A Sparkling Clean Engine

I never understood the fascination with whatever is under the hood in a vehicle.

I do know how to check the oil and refill the windshield washer fluid bucket (basket? jar?.

Many years ago, I was working in Kenya, staying with my brother-in-law when a call came from another missionary regarding her car. She had decided to wash her engine and now it would not start. He went to do something and we both thought about the need for washing car engines.

But at the Silsbee cruise last weekend I saw spotless engine compartments, gleaming components, and extensive cleaning of windshields, tires, bumpers. A few were parked under trees for the shade–and I wondered about the tree droppings.

It was a gorgeous day and I took more than a few photos of engine parts and hoods.

But I am still not planning on washing the engine under the hood of my F250 diesel.

Here are a few more photos from the day for those of you who enjoy vehicle parts.

and the guy in the yellow shirt in the walker/seated is Henry Ford talking with another exhibitor.

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