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Walk with Me

Every Sunday morning a prompt for the 52 week Photo Challenge appears in my mailbox. Some of the challenges involve fancy photo or photo processing techniques—and I am more of a no-crop multiple photos of the same thing from many angles and choosing what I think is the best one.

This week’s prompt was they lyrics sung by Sting “Walk with Me”. It is introspective and thoughtful—and while I’ve seen a few photos referencing the fields of gold, I focused on the shoes.

My husband loves shoes.

He has an army of shoes; a squadron, a fleet.

In the past, I had just two pairs of shoes—one for casual wear and one for work. Probably this reflects my school years in which I got a new pair each August for school and then a pair for gym class.

Now I have a few more pairs, hiking boots, sandals, sneakers, water shoes, church shoes, ‘work’ shoes but still not nearly the number as my husband has.

When I read through the lyrics and then watched the video, I thought of all the miles my husband has walked—with me and for me.

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  1. Absolutely love this post as well as that photo. I’m more like your husband I think. I once took a picture of all the shoes that ended up lined up outside the closet in the bedroom, asking the question “Just how many people live here???” (just me). I even chose shoes as my theme for a 31 day Inktober challenge. I initially was worried I’d not find enough shoes in my closets for a different pair each day. My worry was unfounded, a bit embarrassed that I actually had that many shoes hanging about. Don’t wear some of them at all anymore so should get rid of them but I keep holding back. I guess they all have memories attached to them. Others only get worn now and then, just going with certain clothes. But I love them all.

    October 19, 2021

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