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Grassy Creek Up Next

Yesterday I wrote about finishing up a Block of the Month. I am not sure why I take these on, I have many projects awaiting my attention. LIkewise I am not sure I take on Mystery Quilts—ones in which you have no idea what the finished project will look like–you just make parts for a long time–different ones every week or so–and then the grand reveal comes–and you think—I wish I had chosen a different fabric for this part—and then some of the parts are just beyond un-fun—if that is even a word.

However, each Thanksgiving/Christmas season i find myself following along with others on Quiltville trying to keep up with the clues.

I don’t always follow her suggestions for colors—and now that I think of it—have never used her suggestions—that is challenging as the directions will say put a pink square with a green triangle—and I have chosen purple to be pink and black to be green—.

But here is last years—this one is called Grassy Creek and it was supposed to be mostly orange and teal. I gathered up all the fabrics labeled ‘modern’ and put them in bags, labeled them a color—and proceeded. The backing is stretching before I begin quilting—it is quite large–90 inches square—a real stretch for my Gammill.

And of course I will be waiting for the suggested colors to be posted in the next few weeks—and winidng a few bobbins to be prepared to take on those clues in mid November.

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  1. I have, tucked away in a closet, fabric pulled for a mystery quilt, I think one from Quilters Newsletter Magazine, so hiding for a long long time (two moves worth I think). I carefully pulled each month’s directions from the magazine without looking at them because, well, it’s supposed to be a surprise as you go along and I’d made several others enjoying the process and end result. I may get to this last one eventually, having chosen fat quarters from my huge stash of reproduction fabrics in an effort to use them up (most Civil War era ones), but I know what you mean about maybe not adhering to recommended colors or even where to use dark, medium and light. I guess I liked the idea of not having so many decisions to make and just following directions. It makes a nice break sometimes. But I don’t feel like I really have the time to indulge in such things anymore – too many projects of my own piled up. I have to say the one you have loaded up to quilt is really something, much more complicated looking than mystery quilts I’ve made. Such a big quilt!

    October 5, 2021

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