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Rainout Construction

Rainy dreary chilly days in the Emergency Room meant a day spent with respiratory therapist treating asthmatics and other folks with pulmonary/breathing problems.

Rainy days in the clinics meant construction workers showing up for their blood pressure medications and any other health issue that could wait a bit–but now they had a ‘free’ day to come to the doctor in a clinic–much cheaper than an emergency room.

My construction efforts have also come to a stop. Last month I completed twenty four tall buildings. I’m waiting on the plans for the next eight—and although my buildings are mostly completed, it is far too dark in my sewing room to work today.

High cost of building materials and scarcity were challenging–I had to do a bit of digging to find the appropriate materials—-like most quilters I have two lifetime supplies of materials or more.

Interesting though–the fabrics I though particularly ugly made the best buildings. The ‘sky’ part will be added after I finish all the remaining buildings–eight small houses and four skysrapers so I can see where I need to put the night and dusk and day ‘skies’. And I ran out of the black shadow fabric—-now I have an excuse to go shopping!

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