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There’s a Landcruiser!

Driving home from the Silsbee Cruisin’ show, my husband was excited to see a vintage Toyota LandCruiser parked at a tire shop across the highway.

Of course we had to stop—and take photos.

This was the vehicle we courted in.

Part of the ritual involved driving through rough terrain, getting stuck and then getting unstuck with the help of friends who owned other rough driving vehicles—alas no winches. The girls got to stand on the bumper and jump up and down at the boys’ directions–I don’t know what they were doing–I was jumping up and down. The most memorable occasion was getting stuck in the sewage drainage field for the city on one very cold November night.

In those days, your gas was pumped for you—and several times I had some gas poured on my foot—the attendant thinking this was the gas tank.

The heater tended to jiggle close requiring adjusting—and its suspension—not too much different than my current set of wheels.

It also had a crank—we used that in the winter sometimes—no closed in garage, no dipstick heaters. This had a substantial winch on its front.

Here are a few more images:

I’m sure my parents did not know any of this….I never told….I think his parents had a good idea though.

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  1. What a wonderful story, what great memories of courting! Mine would probably be more of the motorcycle type, and yes, the parents didn’t know many of the details of certain escapades but yes, I’m pretty sure they guessed.

    September 30, 2021

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