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Walking in Wisconsin Woods

Although I currently live on the Gulf Coast–a sub-tropical area with year round gardening and lawn-mowing, Wisconsin always seems so much more lush. Perhaps it is the contrast between the black, gray, and white of winter versus the abundance of plants in the summer.

My husband grew up in Wisconsin–not my next door neighbor—we met in college. But his family wanted to gather together near his home town for a few days and then to a fishing/lake/boating area near Lake Superior (regrettably we did not get to see Lake Superior).

The cabin—although that is not the right word for such a lovely and fancy structure—reminiscent of the mansions in Rhode Island that were the ‘summer cottages’ for the wealthy of New York City—–was spacious. There was an abundance of food on the counters, lots of laughter and chatting and rummaging in the kitchen for snacks and plates and cups.

The owner had thoughtfully provided two walking trails along the hillside. Brush hogs make for a quick project and a nice wide path—although there were some steep spots and dizzying perspectives.

Fall color had not yet happened although it was clear things were happening—Queen Anne’s lace was turning into brown baskets and Goldenrod was in abundance.

Although this was not part of the driftless area, there were plenty of rocks and hilly vistas.

And then there are sheds and outbuildings used to store equipment.

And no walk in Wisconsin Woods is complete without a thorough inspection for ticks—none were found!

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  1. Eek – Wisconsin ticks! I can’t believe you got away with walks sans picking up any riders. I was not unaware of ticks before moving there, yes we have them in Idaho, but NOTHING like I experienced there. Puts a real damper on enjoying the great outdoors for me. 😉

    September 25, 2021

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