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Our mail carrier must love us or maybe not

We have had several mail carriers over the years. Growing up in rural Wisconsin, the mail carrier knew us all by name and somehow managed to know which grandmother I addressed on the envelope as just ‘Grandma’ and then the town’s name.

He also delivered the baby chicks—and Mom made sure she had a fresh pot of coffee and some cake to offer when he came in with the chicks. Dad took the time from chores to be sure he could be there too–just to hear the latest gossip about neighborly doings in a time when travel was limited due to weather.

My good friend in Wisconsin leaves glasses of lemonade and brownies in the mailbox on hot summer days.

Our mail carrier will pick up the newspaper and deposit it on our front porch, hides packages behind the columns so they are not visible from the street.

But then there was this package.

My latest hobby has been learning how to make hand-made books. I had dabbled a bit in the past, made several fiber based books, and then discovered an instructor on-line…a new hobby with new words and new supplies and a plethora of things to try—-

Each month there is a new project. I used copy paper and some drawing paper and then decided to splurge on some Mohawk Superfine paper—and this is how it arrived—all ten sheets of 22 by 30. It was difficult to fit it into the cab of my truck…..although I can get down and up from the floor, a nice large flat surface at my shop is easier on my knees.

It is now torn into appropriate sized pieces for signature making—and that was a challenge in itself.

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