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Almost Done

It is so close to being finalized!

And I am so eager to have it printed and the final copy in my hands.

And speaking of hands—and mine in particular—they are the star/s of this piece.

All of that sounds a bit presumptuous—however…..

Earlier this year, a call from Webster Presbyterian went out for Stations of the Cross as part of the observation of Lent, Good Friday, and Easter. In the midst of the pandemic with vaccinations being meagerly doled out, this provided an opportunity for something creative and a way to escape the dreariness of limited social contacts.

Within six weeks, I completed the artwork, wrote a small paragraph about each, took the final photos and then struggled to put it into a booklet format.

One of my dear friends took on the formatting for me—and with a few final touches it is nearly done and ready for final printing. She is a perfectionist and her similar booklets are exquisite—but for me, this time—it will be complete.

I don’t want to spoil the ‘ta-da’ of the final piece—but here are a few notes about it.

I typically do several in process photos—and here is how I mark for lettering–all hand embroidered.

There are always a few ‘oops’ such as misspellings—how could I not notice this.

Fortunately it was an easy fix—just peeled off that ‘i’ and replaced it with an ‘e’.

Having a printed proof in hand makes the entire project seem more real–although I have a box full of the completed artwork–all 11 by 14 on gallery strectched canvases.

The background fabric is dyed with walnut husks, the hands were constructed of various wood dyed fabrics ranging from humble corduroy to silk. I used my hands as reference photos–a bit of a challenge taking photos of my right hand. I used a piece of packing styrofoam as a backdrop and a desk lamp as the light.

I asked two family members to take a look—and several others picked it up—and were all impressed—-

And so now I must wait just a bit longer for the final product.

And begin on the next big project……Miracles!

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