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Trying to Keep Track

One of the challenges in managing artwork or even just projects is giving them a name and them remembering what that name is—so you (I) can find it again.

I’ve tried several different methods of labeling things but as always if it is in a box/bag/folded up and labeled something I may not remember what it is. That means a nice surprise when I open up a box/sort through a tote—and that is nice.

But then, how to keep track of inventory? Particularly when I am contemplating doing vendor events?

I am visually oriented but I also don’t like a lot of things open—that goes for my laptop as well as my work areas—-although right now no-one looking at these spaces would agree.

However, I have come up with a method to try over then next few months to see if it works for me.

Since my hand-writing is not elegant–although more legible than some; I create labels for my pieces using a nice font, print them out, copy them onto the prepared labels—and that is a story for another time—and now I am printing them each on their own piece of paper and then printing a photo of the piece at the bottom of the paper. I also include the dimension of the piece and any other information I find pertinent.

The label is the last thing that goes on the piece—and although I may take process photos, the final photo is with binding and label attached.

I’ve experimented a bit with my photo site—-the latest is with a clothesline hung over the front porch—using clothespins I don’t have to pin on a sleeve. And these pieces are for fun—not for entering into show.

Here are my latest two completed pieces.

Poky Puppy was constructed while I was recuperating from back surgery and as part of Ricky Tims’ Gridified Art Quilt. It has a lot of novelty fabrics in it—and thankfully was able to use up a lot of the cat fabric I had bought to make a friend a gift.

The other piece is called We Three Kings—it was part of a round robin I participated in via internet many years ago. The central piece is a batik panel I bought in Africa; it is surround by some other African prints. I don’t really have a good place to hang seasonal quilts–but this would be my Christmas quilt.

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