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Thread and More Thread

There are some folks that organize their fabric by fabric lines and designers.

There are some folks that arrange their thread by weight, fiber content, and purpose.

For me it is all about color.

Years ago, I rescued a deli tray from some sort of party—most likely I was told to take it home to feed my three boys–they did tend to eat a lot!

After I have completed the construction part of an art project and am ready to begin the stitching part; I haul it out.

The center well—designed for the bowl of ‘dip’ gets filled with wound bobbines—I tend to use a medium gray or blue or tan.

The outer ring is filled with possible thread choices organized by color—pulled from my drawers of thread—all jumbled together but organized by solely by color.

My latest big art project was this past spring—Stations of the Cross.

Here is the thread I pulled for this project.

The preliminary printing of the book is ready for me to pick up from the printer tomorrow morning.

I’m sure there will be some tweaks and no doubt there will be a few glaring errors—I already caught the misspelling of the word ‘naked’.

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  1. Yeah, I’m one of those people who have to first sort by kind, even brand, and then by color within those first designations. Same with my fabric. Originally it WAS by color, but then as I started buying batiks, and then hand-dyeing fabric, I felt I had to keep them separate from the commercial fabrics. And then there is my Roberta Horton plaid/stripe collection in its own basket, but again, neatly sorted by color. Lots of people think I’m crazy to do all that, but it keeps me happy with an organization that works for me, just like yours works for you.

    August 18, 2021

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