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It was Dark when I woke up

My internal alarm clock usually goes off around 4 am–sometimes earlier, sometimes a bit later but always with the first thought in my mind is that my back hurts.

After Back Surgery No. 4 with some substantial hardware in there, the pain did not subside much. I had a drain which poked me in the back for about ten days; numbness in my right foot, extreme weakness in my left leg—requiring a walker for about two weeks.

About two weeks ago, I noticed a decrease in the amount of pain I felt in the morning—-instead of OOOOOH my back hurts, it became ooh my back hurts. A small thing —but pleasing nonetheless.

But this morning, my first thought was that it was still dark outside and I wondered what time it was. My back did not hurt nor has it hurt all day—although I admit to not doing a lot of lifting or standing—but still it is so wonderful after so many years of back pain to be pain free even though it may be only for today.

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  1. Happy to hear this. I can relate to the surprise and pleasure of even one unexpected pain-free day. May you have many more.

    August 13, 2021

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