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Brothers can be SO Annoying

My oldest grand-daughter had a dance recital a bit ago. We were thrilled to attend and watch her do splits and cartwheels with the greatest aplomb.

Afterward we gathered outside for a photo op.

The youngest grand-daughter must be in the ‘opposite’ stage of life–she turned her head when asked to smile for the photo—but she was pleased to sort through the donut-holes we brought for her favorites—not the filled ones.

But then—a group photo—me with my youngest son and his three children–the youngest still turned away.

And that brother!!!!

I remember them being equally annoying—but I had five–not just one to contend with.

My walker was parked nearby—it was a long day—but so wonderful to see son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren again.

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  1. Ah yes, brothers! I had 4, all older than me, the oldest leaving home not long after I was born so didn’t “suffer” from him much. But my recollection is being constantly teased by the rest of them (and they remember me being spoiled – the argument goes on to this day – lol). And being relieved when the last of them left home and I got some peace and quiet as I entered JH. Always said kind of the best of both worlds, having siblings and then being an only child. Love that last photo – the brother getting caught!

    August 4, 2021

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