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Fluttering is not such a bad thing

One of the things that occupied my thoughts this past year was learning how to make/bind/create books. I have taken some classes at the Houston Quilt Festival, bought books and some tools; but then I discovered a wonderful site on facebook featuring hand-made books. In the midst of all the vitriol posted about masks and politics, this was a welcome spot—just interesting and supportive. Although I know a lot about fabric, paper was a whole different world.

I took some zoom classes with the Printing Museum in Houston—those were fun and joined the Hand made Book Club and have been trying to keep up with the various books she posts each month–with such great videos for each step along the way.

One month’s project was a flutter book.

I wrote a short story about Monarch butterflies–milkweed grows along the fence rows on my farm. I have been thinking about using my crumb pieced blocks as book cloth instead of paper. I am not expert yet—but will keep working on it. Here is my flutter book.

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  1. I’m in that FB club too! I’m woefully behind but do enjoy seeing what everyone else is making, how everyone can put their own personal stamp on the monthly lesson. And yes, so nice to have those pics (and those of the Urban Sketchers group) crowding out the rest on my timeline. 🙂

    July 27, 2021
    • Sheila, you are the reason I am in that group—and I cannot thank you enough. through all the turmoil of outside life, that group provided a safe haven, a place to create and leave the world and its woes behind.

      July 28, 2021

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