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Purses and Baskets

Sometimes I get an idea for a project and it is just an idea but then somehow it becomes a project and then it transforms into a guilt-associated un-done object that seems to point fingers and laugh derisivlely every time I go into my sewing room. I try hiding it in a box but even the box knows what is inside.

With the pandemic in full swing—this project destined for Quilt Festival in Houston several years ago–finally emerged from that box and became reality. I studied recessed zippers, cut head foam and linings and some vinyl along with some lovely hand-woven Guatamalan fabric.

Here are four purses—I have one too—but it returned to the box to stare accusingly at me.

And at the same time–just because who doesn’t like the excitement of starting a new project? I combined two projects–a set of 8 inch blocks from a block resource guide book and baskets from the same book; I’m not so fond of basket quilt block especially whey they involve a lot of smallish triangles–I used some hand-dyed fabrics from Ricky Tims Scrap Bag Sale AND some hemp/cotton blend batik fabric I had made to set between the more colorful blocks.

It is quilted, bound, and labeled—-a new rule—I have made for myself—a finish or two must occur before embarking on a new project—although some projects are still just ideas.

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