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More cleaning and sorting and uploading

Hot days are here—with the occasional downpour.

My back is still not happy with life and so I alternate more active things on my to-do list and the more sedentary.

Today I attended church—-and for the first time in well over a year I wondered what I should wear. I”m of the belief that you should dress up a bit for church–not to extremes—but better than every day wear.

It felt strange; pews were marked as ‘no-sit pews’, no music, no after service coffee.

In the distant past, I would mow—a solitary contemplative activity with less traffic as I have frontage to mow. I didn’t mow today but I did pick a bag full of tomatoes.

And now I am sorting through files and photos and uploading a few.

Here are a few I’ve finished up in the past few months. My new photo site is a clothesline strung along the front porch. Sometimes I have to take multiple photos as it seems that the dead calm while hanging ceases and I have corners blowing up.

This is ‘Frolic” a Bonnie Hunter winter mystery quilt. I wanted it to look like Texas spring flowers–the primrose, echinacea, and blue bonnets.

This is a Star quilt made from crumb blocks. I pulled every block that had some pink in it from a huge box hoping to make a nice dent—nope didn’t do it. The pink is from my mother’s quilt shop–a nice bubble-gum pink–the lime green and white were my additions.

And here is the back–still trying to use up those crumb blocks. They are my leader-ender pieces; I assemble them at night while watching Netflix, and sew in between my ‘regular’ sewing to prevent pieces from crawling down the needle-plate. It doesn’t take long to make a huge stack of them–then they are trimmed and ready for additions. I make them 6.5 inches square–and try as I might, I never seem to get to the bottom of the scrap bucket.

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