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Scraps and just fooling around

Sometimes there is a pile of smallish pieces left over from other projects and then sometimes you happen to inherit your mother’s fabric bits and bobs and starts and unfinishes.

Mom loved boxes—as did her mother—they both saved ‘really good boxes’ including the boxes replacement checks came in, greeting card boxes, and then the occasional cigar box harvested from the local grocery store. I”m sure they would have both loved the plethora of boxes from Amazon that seem to multiply themselves like rabbits when I am not looking.

Sorting through Mom’s sewing room was a chore—not unpleasant–who can really not like playing with fabric? But it was also challenging. What did she intend to do with all these tiny pink squares? Or these diamonds?

Some of her projects have her written notes and you might think that would be helpful but most of them are calculations with no idea of what they were meant to become.

I’ve put this little group together.

And since I’ve begun making hand-made books and book cloth–they might become that—-or they might just become my usual Marble notebook covers.

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