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Sorting Out and Pressing Matters

When two people have multiple interests and they all involved collecting things—whether it be digitally or physically, there comes a time when sorting and discarding must happen.

I’ve been working on finishing up physical projects but then there is the mess on my lap-top with dozens of photos, files, and documents. I seem to get lost in the file cabinets of lap-tops and end up with several similar documents/photos—-and now I am struggling to find things.

This part of Texas has the capability of flowers nearly year round. For someone accustomed to the black, gray, white bleakness of the long Wisconsin winters, it is not surprising I take a lot of flower photos.

This was last year in July.

back of garden shed with banana plant on the left

And here is another view of those flowers.

And at the same time I was working on the Quilt Show’s block of the Month. There were a gazillion double nine-patch blocks to be made with the individual small colored squares finishing at about an inch.

That wooden thing was my grandmother’s. She had a full set of fancy dress-making/tailoring pressing items–this one was for pressing the corners of colors but also serves as a weight for pressing. I never thought of her as a fashionista but her mother-in-law was a fancy seamstress and so she might have done this in the spirit of competition. For her high school graduation, she had to hand sew with French seams a very fancy white blouse. Somewhere I have a photo of that—somewhere—I’ll find it—some day but not today.

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