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Rhubarb and Orchids

One day I remarked to my father, that I wished I had some rhubarb. He looked at me and said—if I put up a notice in the bank (town of 300) and left my truck in their parking lot, I would have a bed full of the stuff by mid afternoon. In the days when produce did not come from South America year round, rhubarb was the first fresh produce we would have in the late spring/early summer. Strawberries followed soon after and the two made a great pairing in pies and jams.

However, rhubarb tends to be a Northern thing—it is tart and requires a lot of sugar.

I have several bags of neatly cut rhubarb in my freezer and decided to make a crisp—also seems to be a Northern thing–for the local Orchid Society June Ice Cream Social. I expected to bring most of it home—-but I was surprised and pleased to have almost three fourths eaten by the members and a request to take the remainder home with them.

We joined the Orchid Society several years ago, having bought an orchid for my husband’s birthday at our church fall bazaar. The folks in the group were friendly—and so knowledgeable–we enjoyed our time with them. The pandemic has been hard on all social groups—and so it was especially gratifying to be once more among a group of friends.

I wandered through the conservatory and the potting shed—both very hot–even for me. There were a few orchids in bloom—and I took a few photos—-of the orchids–not the ice cream or the crisp’s empty dish.

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