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Dumaflaches, thingamajigs and whatchamacallits

Words are endlessly fascinating—translating from other languages into English or from English to other languages can be a source of amusement or frustration. Reading directions for electronic devices created in the Far East and translated literally into English does not help those of us who tend to follow directions sequentially.

However, I am here to report that I am NOT following the directions sequentially on this project.

For the past several years, the QuiltShow has sponsored a Block of the Month. The pattern is released a month at a time; you (I) am supposed to complete each month’s assignment and be ready for the next month. Usually there is a lovely fabric kit available but since I have more fabric than I will ever use, I pick out an array from what I have.

Since I began this project in Month 5, not Month 1 like I was supposed to; I had a lot of catching up to do.

I am gaining ground on the project.

There are two roads in this quilt, an inner road and an outer road; the inner road is now complete; the outer is partially sewn and ready for me to assemble into arcs.

However, this is a paper-pieced project. I hate paper-piecing. I piece the required houses, and strips of roads, and then use the freezer paper template to cut the resulting pieces into appropriate sizes. I am also working with a quarter of the quilt—NOT the entire quilt. I am not fond of putting things into circles when I can put them into an arc and then sew some long straight seams.

For those of you who are not quilters—I do other things—but when it is raining and there is 2 or more inches of standing water in the lawn, I could read—but that doesn’t make for a very interesting post.

Anyone know the origin of dumaflache? Does it sound like words in another language? The others can be separated into words—but dumaflache??? French? Welch? Swedish? German?

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