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UFO’s, WIP’s, and PHD’s

For several years I have dutifully completed American Patchwork’s UFO challenge. The number of boxes and bags with abandoned projects, ideas that seemed great at the time, obligations, and dreams had begun to overwhelm my work-room to the point, I had a hard time moving around in it–let alone hauling out something to work on. Conquering the mess began with listing projects—or UFO”S—unfinished objects.

Some projects were workshops taken with the local guild in an attempt to support their efforts.

Some projects were begun with what I can only call wishful thinking—what was I thinking about a huge applqiue quilt?

And worst of all—some were my mother’s unfinished projects.

Then there are the WIP”S or the PHD’s—works in progress or project half done. It is hard to distinguish between these two—they tend to be the ones up on my design wall—and not in a box or bag.

For some unknown reason, I chose to begin the 2021 Block of the Month from the Quilt Show—before beginning I made myself complete the top for 2020–a Sue Garman pattern featuring tiny blocks and intricate applqiue—what was I thinking?

But here is Windows on my World…I am about at Month Four–meaning I am now one month behind with another month’s patterns posted today—but I am having a lot of fun with it. I am using my extensive collection of novelty prints—there are frogs in some of the trees, wild flowers in others, and some have Australian creatures–I don’t know why a kangaroo would be in a tree–but there he/she is. The houses are also composed of novelty prints and instead of several houses–there are hot air balloons and a fountain–and some cows grazing. Did I follow the pattern? Sort of–but not really—

And, yes, I have whittled down the number of bags and boxes including my mother’s projects—but still a shelf-full left to go.

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  1. That is some block! Makes me wonder what were you thinking? lol But it is obvious you ARE having fun with it and using up a bunch of fun fabrics as well. Carry on!

    June 14, 2021

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