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Recovery is a Slo-o-o-o-o-w Process

Perhaps I am too eager to be back to some semblance of a normal life–able to sweep my floors, work the bees, go hiking, visit museums. But my life is governed by the slow healing process of a torn rotator cuff and No. 4 back surgery more extensive than planned or expected. I have re-habbed in the past by climbing the stairs in my two story house several times a day—ten years ago. This time is proving to be more challenging.

Yesterday we took a trip to Cat-Tail Marsh, the tertiary sewage treatment area for the city. It is a beautifully peaceful and serene place. Sometimes there are others enjoying the day, bird-watching or exercising. We met a couple with uncle and cousin in tow with a fantastic spotting scope. They generously shared the view of the eagles nest far down at the end of the settling ponds. He had been an ortho tech salesman after a four year tour as an OR tech in the Air Force.

It was a long walk to the end of the pier for me—all without a walker–ClaraBelle is folded up and leaning against the Pillsbury table in the dining room—the last time I was here, she was still my constant companion. I took photos this time—a lot of them. Water hyacinth was in full bloom and to my surprise when sorting through the day’s photos, I had captured a bee!!!

Thinking about that bee and how routine and mundane each of their daily assignments is—they make several trips a day to a particular flower harvesting the nectar, returning to the hive having scraped off the pollen on their legs and bodies in mid flight to deposit in the pollen sacs on their back legs—to deposit the tiniest bit of nectar—and then to fly out and repeat the process.

Perhaps my progress is not as slow or as futile as I castigate myself for such slow improvement.

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  1. Such lovely photos and so glad you could get out to take them! I too have found insects I was unaware of showing up in photos when viewed on screen. Such a fun surprise! And yes, recovery IS a slow process. It has a tendency to humble one which often we do not like. I’m getting better about the humble part as I get older. 😉

    June 14, 2021

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