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Self Portrait

This piece was completed as part of a challenge for our small group. My hair was quite short then having it cut for a donation for cancer patient wigs. That baby is now in school and my hair is quite long.


The original was taken by my husband as I sat on the floor of my nephew’s home and held Ella–his daughter—Eli her twin being sound asleep

I have never liked having my photograph taken and while self-portraits are something artists do—is it because they need a model and the one that is readily available is themselves?

I thought it might be interesting to make a self portrait that was not traditional. As I thought about it, I decided that everything around us reflected who we were as people—the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the books we read, the color of our living room, the holidays we celebrate.

I have now completed all the components and am thinking of how I want to display them—as words and books are perhaps as important as visual and auditory experiences, I think it needs to be a book—not a memoir.

Here are two ‘pages’— perhaps you can guess what they represent.

Obviously these are in the working stage—but the first one is my name and the second one is my birthday.

The finished pages/book won’t be complete for awhile—so please do not be holding your breath. I work slowly but think about the project while I am dealing with other tasks. When I figure out how I am going to put this together, I will post photos–and it might be a video—if our internet cooperates.

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