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An unexpected visitor

With the pandemic we have not had many household visitors. We have chatted with a few neighbors and workmen outside—fence repair, roof repair. Our two dogs are somewhat diversionary—and of course there is social media and the internet—such as we have here.

Flat Stanley arrived in a small envelope with a return address of my grade/high school in Wisconsin. After some investigation we determined it was from a great-niece—but not before we had planned all sorts of grand adventures for Stanley.

For anyone reading this who does not know, Flat Stanley is based on a book and is the focus of what is called the longest running literary project. Flat Stanley has been to war, with the Senate, and I think perhaps to astronaut training. His website is full of adventure.

Flat Stanley will be staying here for about two weeks; he is an ideal guest–no complaints about the food or his bed or how long it takes to go somewhere.

Here he is arriving

The Cat Tail Marsh is part of the sanitary system for the city. It is a great place to walk around the levees.
Besides ducks and other water birds there are alligators.
This alligator was on the far side of one of the ponds–too far away for a personal up-close photo.

Today’s weather is forecast for rainy misty–not the best day for photos but we will find someplace fun for Stanley to visit.

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  1. Deanna E. Lybarger #

    Hi Sylvia, So, Flat Stanley is visiting with you. I just know that the two of you will entertain him in a wholesome and informative way. Hope things are getting better down there in Beaumont. Our daughter in Austin is slowly recovering from the snow and ice and many damages to their home. Glad Flat Stanley missed the storm and does not have to live like they did in the really
    “olden” days in Texas. The floral pictures you have sent out have been absolutely stunning.

    Deb Lybarger

    March 25, 2021

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