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Series No 2

Developing thought processes and imagery for a series like this seems to be a hodge-podge of ideas and thoughts. I had no particular order in which I thought about the various pieces. Using a way to illustrate them in a new and different manner without being quite literal is a challenge. I’m not sure my pieces qualify.

I worked on No. 13 next–this is the one in which Jesus dies. The curtain in the temple is ripped apart symbolizing no longer a separation between man and God. Most of the imagery I could find for this station was both macabre and gruesome. I decided to focus on the curtain ripping—I wasn’t sure how I could depict an earthquake or the sun turning dark.

The curtains in the temple must have been gorgeous pieces of artistry. The people were asked to donate purple, blue, and scarlet threads for embroidery on the fine linen background. Seraphim were embroidered on these curtains with these beautiful fibers. I doubt there was a lovely crocheted edging but I imagined these curtains as being finely crafted gorgeous pieces; the altar society which cares for the church linens in our times would have been aghast at their destruction.

no 13 cropped

This linen from my mother-in-law’s closet was embellished with threads and the two seraphim–they have six wings. After embroidery, I tore the fabric roughly down the center and stitched it to the background.

As in the first piece, it has not been mounted–in case I decide to add or alter something after I complete all fourteen pieces.

station no 13 Jesus dies

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