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Cleaning up Crumbs

Maybe it has something to do with the way I was raised–rarely throwing away anything or maybe it is a fondness for these bits of fabric or just the soothing rhythm of my sewing machine as I stitch or the fairly mindless relaxation of combining these fragments together—but last year I was amazed and appalled to find I had an entire document box full of 6.5 inch sewn scrap squares.

I sew bits together, then trim them and re-combine until I have a square 6.5. I have lost and bought three of these rulers in the past few years. The pile of scraps never seems to diminish but they make good leader-ender pieces for all the other things I do.

While this may not seem too monumental, this year I put ‘doing something’ with these squares as my #7 on my UFO list—the number drawn in January for the American Patchwork UFO challenge. I’ve done this challenge three years in a row and while I didn’t always work on the UFO drawn for the month, it has been surprising how many of them have been completed—along with some others that never made it on a list.

There are still many more blocks to use in another project—and more crumb blocks are in process; but I was pleased with this final pieced top. Now all I have to do is think about a backing and get it quilted and bound.

crumb quilt in process

As it is now February, a new number has been drawn—and I am happy to report it is now completed and ready for quilting…I have a backing ready for it and will get its label done this afternoon. Photos will be posted after it is complete.

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