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Have a Seat

This week’s assignment was ‘chair’. Given all the images appearing featuring a certain older gentleman from the Northeast wearing mittens and seated in a chair, I suppose the topic was inevitable.

I like to think about the topic during the week and consider various options. I thought about what makes a seating area a ‘chair’ versus a bench or a stool or a couch. And then there is the ‘chair’ of a department or committee.

In the end I found this chair sitting on a neighbor’s front porch. In this area chairs are put next to the front door to allow a setting place for bags of groceries or a purse while opening the front door.

many people tend to have chairs on their front porch. This provides a resting spot for bags of groceries or a purse to allow opening of the locked door. Some porches have a set of chairs on them for evening contemplation and sometimes for morning coffee although coffee is usually consumed on the back porch.
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