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Flat lay photography

Several years ago–I would guess it was with the cell phones that could take fairly nice photos, there was a fad of posting a photo of your meal–particularly if you were at a restaurant or if the meal was special.

The past week’s assignment of flat lay means placing the camera directly overhead to take a photo of an assortment of objects–frequently food or maybe collections of things.

I had missed the previous week’s assignment of ‘long exposure’—I tried several option but got some lovely blank images and a blurry moon photo—gave it a try but not successful.

Flat lay usually requires good direct natural light for the best results; however, we have had intermittent rain and fog and overall dreariness to match the frustration of the COVID vaccine situation.

I did manage to get this image.

For those of you who have read a few books, you may recognize the reference—-and no, it doesn’t spell out anything at all–it was a group of figures I thought were fun and fairly easy to reproduce.

Maybe a few of you will figure out the reference; I had long been fascinated with this idea and now I had an escuse to try it out.
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