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Spalls, Scrawls, and Williwaws

Notice the new title for my blog posts.

This course has encouraged me to think about this blog and life in general. After thinking about why I wanted to have a blog—and in this time of isolation, it would seem I should have been eagerly plying the keyboard and clicking the camera shutter—-but I haven’t.

All of us handle stress differently; I see a lot of anger and finger-pointing and misconceptions—the idea that a different calendar page will change our life’s situation or ink on a piece of paper prevents hurricanes.

But I can only deal with the world around me.

If you know me at all, you will know I like words, weird words, specific words, unusual sounding words. When I came upon the lesson instructing me to change the tag-line of my blog—well—that is just plain fun and good for several hours if not days of entertaining hunts through dictionaries and thesauruses (I guess that is a proper word).

My new tagline is the title of this post.

So before you click to the search function to figure it out, here it is:

Spalls are the sharp bits broken off a rocky face. I don’t write or say all I think or know–but just bits and pieces. It cleverly rhymes with the next two words.

Scrawls probably needs no explanation–my hand-writing is not the best, better than some and much worse after the tumor on my brachial plexus was discovered and removed. (the brachial nerve is what runs your arm–one on each side)

Williwaws are quick outbursts of wind from a mountaintop toward an ocean. It was the title of Gore Vidal’s first book written at age 19 as a first mate; but as a pun of sort—I live in Beaumont—French for beautiful mountain–Beaumont is coastal and speaking/writing can be referred to as windy.

So there you have it—-a new tagline with a fantastic explanation.

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