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Finding a path

Like a lot of other people, I dream about what I might like to accomplish in the New Year.

Like a lot of other people I wrote a lot of resolutions, tried the concept of focusing on just one word as the inspiration/impetus for the year-.

And then there’s the project idea with writing out the various steps needed for completion—a la Franklin planner—–which turns out is probably the way I work best.

One of my goals/projects has been to improve my understanding and use of Spanish. I learned a fair amount of Spanish ‘on the job’, took Spanish in junior high—a century ago—attended some church services in Spanish…practiced Spanish on mission trips and in restaurants along with taking a formal class in Mexico and in Arizona. Both fun trips with lots of sight-seeing on the side and wonderful meals and memories.

I am working now with Duolingo……muy facil except for learning what is masculine and what is feminine. Husband commented a Spanish noun is made of two parts—the article and the word–whereas English we don’t separate them—that makes some sense—but still it is rather humorous to think of testicles and scrotum as being feminine.

Another goal was to improve my web presence in terms of this blog. I’ve been writing on it for quite some time, not always so regularly and usually with photography. At first I would not write anything unless I had what I thought a spectacular photograph…..well, maybe not quite spectacular but certainly interesting and well composed. I also learned how to input them from my photo site—that site has grown unwieldy and I need to deal with that huge task.

I read several blogs and have been impressed by some of the mechanics and the look of their blog—and thusly this year I am taking a course in blogging hosted by WordPress.

My assignment for this lesson is to identify my ‘ideal reader’. And if that seemed overwhelming to take a look at the blogs I read and figure out THEIR ideal reader.


Slice of life

Not dismal or angry or angst driven but not sugar-coating things either.

Interested in observing life—but maybe that is the same as the first.

common interest–photography/arts/nature/science

Process—not necessarily in something I do.

NOT interested in political commentary or proselytizing of anything

Shangri-La Orange Texas

The above photo was taken two days ago in Shangri-la Gardens, Orange Texas. Due to Covid and the recent trio of hurricanes, much of the Garden is closed and there is a one way path through it. The fountains were not running and although a beautiful day perfect for strolling through the garden, there were few visitors and very little was in bloom. Gardening is always a game of patience; there was a lot of clipping and planting happening—promises for the future.

And now I will check off completion of this lesson, take the quiz and move on to the next lesson.

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  1. Deanna E. Lybarger #

    Hi Sylvia,
    I absolutely love to read everything you write about – pictures included or not. You have tremendous insight and it is a true treat to read your thoughts.
    Sorry I had to stop – tomatoes soup boiling over and burning in the pan and on the stove top while I was writing the comment while ” leaning ” against and “keeping an eye” on the soup. After cleaning that mess up I grabbed three shirts out of the drier to hang up so they would not get wrinkled and one side of the toasted cheese sandwich began to burn so had to stop again. I am sitting down to finish this note -making myself stay focused for a change!!!

    Forever In Pieces, DEBT

    January 16, 2021

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