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Exploring the Possibilities

Canon 50SX, minimal cropping. This is a black walnut collected from my farm in Wisconsin. I have a huge bag full of them waiting for me to crack open, collect the meat and use in culinary explorations; the husks are used to make walnut ink and dye, the shells can be ground into pincushion filling and mulch. What other uses/possibilities are there? My word/phrase is Explore the Possibilities

Each week, Ricky Tims issues a photo challenge. The first one each year is always a focus word. It is always fascinating to see what images people have chosen to represent their word or phrase; some take some take some thought to make the connection between the image and the word.

I was surprised to see my metadata show up as part of my image here—so I won’t write more about black walnut usage.

My dad would crack the walnuts for about fifteen minutes on the anvil in the basement putting them in an old pie tin and then he would pick out the meat during evening television time. Sometimes he would make fudge on a Sunday afternoon using those black walnuts.

Sometimes I sit on our front porch and crack/pick out black walnuts. Easing the frustrations of the day while whacking away at those hard shells, sampling the occasional bit, and remembering a different time with the problems and concerns and worries of those days long forgotten–and only the memory of the taste of those nuts and the sound of my father’s voice and the grin on his face and the callouses on his hands.

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  1. Jeannie Loving #

    Beautiful memory. I have some similar ones regarding pecans.

    January 10, 2021

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