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Is that an Alligator?

The day was a bit chilly with a bit of a breeze but sunny, a good day to take a walk around the levees at Cat-Tail Marsh in Tyrell Park. It is the tertiary treatment area for the city’s sewage system and although that sounds rather off-putting, it is one of our favorite places to go walking.

The ponds are separated by various levees all topped with either gravel or grassy roadways perfect for walking/running/bicycling. I don’t run anymore, unless someone yells fire–and in which case, it might actually be a fast walk. But it is a lovely place to walk, there are birds everywhere, some days more than others.

Today we saw egrets, ibis, a little green heron or two plus lots of coots and gallinules. The gallinules seemed to walk on water as they traveled across the water hyacinths in search of lunch/supper. I suspect they don’t really separate out meal times–it is just eat all day as long as the sun shines and even if it doesn’t.

We were thrilled to see what we thought was an alligator with just its eyes and snout showing above the water line–and worked hard to get some great photos—but after a bit of maneuvering decided it was just a bit of vegetation floating along—and then we did see an alligator on the opposite bank–but neither of us wanted to venture close enough for a great photo.

see the snout and the two eyes
his head was stuck under the vegetation

Even so, it was a pleasant day—and we returned home–me to my sewing room to work on a project, Glen to look at his photos. I’m starting to compile this year’s photos in a single album labeled Texas 2021. I suspect we will have much more of pandemic lock-down/limited travel. I miss my friends and my family—the orchid society, the astronomical society, my quilting friends, the motocross/racing…..but then missing them will make the time we can meet again all the more sweeter.

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