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Plumbing, Coots, and a Great Blue

Living in an old house on the Texas Gulf Coast where houses are not designed for cold weather and freezing temperatures……let’s just say the house is charming but challenging at times. I had noticed a black spot appearing on the hallway ceiling over the front door. We speculated replacing the front pillars some years ago–they were rotting with some plastic ones had altered the roof just enough to permit water to run in; then we also thought perhaps the shower pan was no longer functional and discovered a place where the grout had fallen out on the side of the walk-in shower.

Husband crawled up there on our ladder and after some poking and sawing away of the drywall we had put up instead of the plaster in repairing the shower pan leakage incident, found a hole in a pipe—a pipe that ran underneath an electric wire. That repair necessitated turning off the power and the water to the house while a patch was attempted.

I repaired to the shop where I started quilting a surprise for my oldest son—well, maybe not a surprise if he reads this; and after rethreading the Gammill twice and taking out some bad stitches, I called to inquire about the status of the repair.

I will spare you the images of the hole in the front hallway ceiling but instead end with this photo taken of the Anahuac Wildlife Refuge and direct you to my gallery featuring more photos of the afternoon. Coots were in great abundance and I took dozens of photos but they do not pose as nicely as do the marsh reeds and other vegetation.

For more photos of the day take a look at this gallery

There are two other galleries featuring our trips to Anahuac AND

There are better photos of the coots and a great one of an alligator swimming in the marsh.

We didn’t drive along the entire roadways there, just the one loop.

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  1. Amazing photos! and ugh on the house repair.. hope it warms up and is magically fixed 😉 Enjoy your quilting

    December 17, 2020
  2. My fiancé’s brother’s house was built in 1906, and he makes a lot of trips to fix things for him.

    January 7, 2021

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