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Not staying busy

I’d like to say I have taken advantage of this pandemic and the stay at home (mostly) recommendations and produced gobs of new work to dazzle everyone.

But I haven’t.

What I have done is quilted all the tops and bound nearly all of them–just two left to bind–and one new one on the frame now.

I have kept up with the Quilt Show’s Block of the Month until October when I just could not get to Kinko’s to enlarge the applique pattern for the month (just two and I didn’t want to go to a store for just two) and then November and suddenly they released all the remaining blocks and I had TWELVE to do. Off to Kinko’s I went; enlarged the blocks—I have not mastered sizing on my printer–easy at Kinkos and their copiers and less than $2 to do so for all twelve.

and then there was a project I took on as a thank you to some folks who were so generous and kind to me while working out of town—I’ll post more about that much later, when I get them done—-but for now, here are those blocks ready for hand-stitching.

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