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Bull’s Eye

Hasn’t our world become so different than what it was just months ago?

Zoom is the new meeting place; social gatherings are few and awkward; travel challenging.

As a member of the local quilt guild, I have tried to support them by taking workshops–even if it is something I truly am not interested in. I did want to try a workshop via Zoom. The guild had chosen Becky Goldsmith and her Bull’s Eye workshop. It involved paper piecing–a technique that is not my favorite but this time it involved the use of pre-printed vellum paper. While I did finish the one block and set it into a background, I am adding vellum paper piecing to my list of ‘do not want to do again’.

Her directions were clear, she had pre-done videos to be shown at intervals during the workshop, and it was definitely convenient to not have to wait for my turn at the iron and to not wait in line for the bathroom and have the room temperature set to my liking and my choice of background music and to wear my night-gown instead of kind of dress up clothes. But my internet is spotty; I could not participate in any discussion and dealing with questions via text just not very satisfactory.

Will I give this method another try?

Probably not—unless the meeting/workshop is recorded and I can access it in bits and pieces as my internet cooperates.

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  1. Jeannie Loving #

    I despise Zoom meetings. I’ve been to too many. I like the cartoon about blowing on your cup of alcoholic drink at a Zoom meeting, so everyone will think it is tea.

    November 6, 2020

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