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There is a large stack of covered marble notebooks behind my desk; and a stack of sketchbooks on another shelf. Then there is a pile of patterns for my artwork along with more covered marble notebooks containing notes from workshops and my working through some of the composition/construction/color challenges of both my artwork and what the weaving instructor called ‘utiliarian’ pieces.

And now there is a very small stack of hand-made books on another set of shelves in my sewing room—I refuse to call it a studio—that sounds pretentious and suggests a level of accomplishment not allowing failure.

In the past, I made several fiber books–and those were fun. Several were projects made in a round robin fashion with each person adding to the story and the accompanying illustration. But these are books made of paper with signatures and end-papers.

I have had to learn new vocabulary words along with new technical terms and doings. I have learned a lot along the way, some by doing, others by reading and looking and following the excellent instructions by an expert. The group on social media has been very generous in their praise of my work–humble as it is.

And now, I have blathered on long enough. Here is my hand-made journal.

the cover is a paper towel used to clean brushes in a workshop
and the end paper is marbled paper from another workshop in the distant past

Have I written in any of my books?

No, I still use a covered marble notebook to write about the past day and plan the next day or three.

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